Officially half way through Netflix’s next dip into the marvel universe and so far, it has been a slow burner.

A lot appears to be happening but it mostly feels the same thing is happening over and over again ( Luke cage gates shot, Cottonmouth and /or Mariah shouts at someone).

I was a pretty big fan of Jessica Jones, but Luke Cage doesn’t hit the ground running like its predecessors. I feel it is mainly due to money and power being the driving force behind the villain’s plans. In Jessica Jones it was a psychological battle with the Purple Man, and in Daredevil he fights ninjas – both a little more exciting than what Luke Cage is trying to accomplish here. When the villain of a show wishes for power, generally they’re crazy or struggling with genius. Cottonmouth and Mariah are neither, making them a pretty bland watch.

The series sees Luke Cage pretty much unstoppable and therefore never in trouble. There is the hint that they have finally found what may be Luke Cage’s weakness, but then the storyline drifts away from this.

We’re only half way, so fingers crossed for the second half !

Image provided by IMDB / Netflix